1. How does My Easy School Supply work?

When you order a supply kit through our website, we pack our recycled box with the brands and quantities requested by the teacher.  Our Quality Assurance Team double-checks the box before delivering it to the school, and it arrives prior to Open House.  You and your child’s teacher will appreciate our services, and your child will start the school year off perfectly prepared.

2. Are your prices competitive?

Yes, our prices are very competitive.  We work with our suppliers to get the lowest possible prices and pass those savings on to you.  Along with cost savings, we also save parents hours of their time going from stores to stores looking for the specific supplies.

3. Do you use Name Brand Products?

Yes, we use supplies specified by the teachers without any compromise.

4. Is your website Safe & Secure?

Our shopping cart uses secure, industry standard encryption, and we do not sell your information to anyone.My Easy School Supply Logo

5. Any more questions?

We would love to answer them!  Please reach out to us through our Contact Us page.

FAQ About My Easy School Supply

FAQ About My Easy School Supply