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My Easy School Supply:

Like you, we wear many hats and have many titles, but we are particularly proud of one title that was given to each of us — “Mom”.  This title has changed our lives in every possible way.  We are busier than we ever were, we are talked to more than we knew was possible, and most of all, we didn’t know that we had the magical touch to heal any pain, any boo-boo.  All in all, it is exhausting, and we love it. 

We are sisters, born and raised in Nepal, and now living in Duluth, Georgia.  We want to make a difference in our community by being part of it. Also by Hiring locally, recycling wherever possible, and serving others.  

If you are looking for a way to save time and money while furthering your child’s education, look no further. 

Our mission at My Easy School Supply is to provide the brands that teachers request while keeping costs down and using recycled packing materials.

Our future vision is to open a “Supplies Pantry”, filled with gently used supplies that are available to anyone who needs supplies free of cost, similar to food share pantries.

There are so many people and children in the world that need the help of others. We would like to share our good fortune with these people. 

We love what we do and continue to learn and grow from it. 

Thank you for choosing to partner with us.  We are thankful for your business! 


Anubha and Amita 


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